Motivation Monday + Ronda

Small cropped Ronda.jpg

Written by: Sara Jensen

Happy Motivation Monday!! Our stories matter, and I truly believe that we can motivate and encourage each other by sharing ideas on what keeps us well.  Today, I am highlighting my good friend Ronda.

Ronda is a hardworking woman with many responsibilities and when I asked her what she has been doing to take care of herself (because she looks amazing!!), she shared a few really great tips that might work for you!

Eating healthy has really helped Ronda. Avoiding sugar as much as possible has really helped her decrease symptoms of her Rheumatoid Arthritis. She is also choosing to eat a low-fat and low-carb diet on a daily basis.

Staying active is also important for Ronda. She takes daily walks after work with her good friend/neighbor (with their dogs of course).  This time of year they also enjoy snowshoeing on a regular basis. She says having that support has definitely helped her stay active.

Ronda’s husband has heart issues and helping him is a high priority, which motivates her to stay healthy.  She works in home healthcare and can really see what a difference eating well and staying active can make for her clients as well.

Way to go, Ronda!! Thank you for sharing what you do to stay healthy and active!