Motivation Monday + Dreams


Written By: Sara Jensen

Alex Toussaint/Peleton Coach

Alex Toussaint/Peleton Coach

Read that quote one more time and just let it sink in a little.  That is what I had to do when I first heard it just a few short weeks ago.  I was taking a spin class on demand and Alex Toussaint is a coach that I often go to for really great classes.  Just before a heavy climb, he said those exact words. After I let it sink in and for hours after the ride, I thought about how true that is.  He said it rather quickly but it has stuck with me for a few weeks now. I really wish I wouldn’t have been in my mid-40’s before learning some of these lessons.  

Think about it, how often do we let our minds run wild thinking of all the things we cannot do or wouldn’t even consider trying to do.  We want to, we dream about it, but for some reason we listen to that stupid inner voice that says “oh no, not you”. Why not you? Of course you can, you are capable of more than you could ever imagine.  If you dream of changing your life, just start! One step, one day, one week, one month at a time. Think of how different life could be if you truly let your imagination determine your dreams rather than your limitations!