Motivation Monday + Fall into Fitness

Fall into Fitness

Written By: Sara Jensen

The end of August is near, some districts have already started school, some will be soon and we know that as the seasons change, our schedules change slightly (or a great deal) as well.  If you are one who is finding yourself settling into a new routine, or even if your schedule is not changing very much, the start of a new season can be a wonderful time for a change in habits.  If you have wanted to start that exercise plan, why not start with a new season. New season, new perspective! An added benefit of starting a new activity in the fall is that by the time winter rolls around, you will already be in the routine of regular exercise.  You may have to modify your activity to be indoors, but your routine is already set to stay in the mindset of regular exercise.

Some common tips that have helped others get started with an exercise plan are to start slowly.  Do not tell yourself you are going to exercise 5 times per week and then feel defeated if that does not happen.  Start by setting a goal of two times per week and build from there. Keeping goals attainable really helps build confidence and leads to greater success.  Decide when you will exercise and schedule it as you would any other appointment. Set your clothes or shoes out ahead of time, having a visual reminder is a great way to increase your chances of completing your planned activities.  Most of all, pick something you enjoy!! Walking, swimming, biking, hiking, jogging, strength training, yoga, group fitness classes, tennis, volleyball and the list goes on. Try something new, do not limit yourself to what you think you should do, get out there and do something you have never done before.  Whether in a gym, in your home or outdoors, the internet offers an abundant amount of support when beginning an exercise plan. Do your research and find what excites you and motivates you and go for it!!

The article linked below from the Mayo Clinic will give you some other very practical tips for starting an exercise plan.

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