Motivation Monday + Katy

Written By: Sara Jensen

Do you find yourself on auto-pilot just trying your best to get through the day intact?  When was the last time you were able to truly reflect on all of the blessings all around you?  Life is hectic, there is no doubt, but stopping for even a few moments to realize the good things in life can truly change your mindset from that of worry and stress to gratitude and thankfulness.

My good friend Katy shared with me her daily morning routine that really helps her keep an attitude of gratitude.  Katy was kind enough to allow me to share her story with you. My hope is that you will find it encouraging and even perhaps start your own gratitude journal.

Every morning Katy begins her day by listening to the Rachel Hollis morning show on Facebook.  Katy said that she heard the idea of a gratitude journal from Rachel’s show and decided to give it a try.  With coffee in hand, Katy sits down to write down five things she is truly grateful for and also five goals that she has set for herself.  Katy said that the goals stay the same until one is reached and then she can cross it off and add a new goal.

Katy really does enjoy starting her day with coffee and gratitude.  Since beginning this daily habit Katy has really noticed an improvement in her mood.  Katy works full-time as a nurse and also works three out of four weekends per month. Sometimes by Wednesday she feels ready for a day off.  Journaling helps Katy to see her busy life as a true blessing. Katy knows there is truly a chemistry between writing a list of gratitude and believing it.  She states she believes it when she writes it down and feels she is reconditioning her brain to be positive EVERY SINGLE morning.

Of course there are still those overwhelming days, but looking back on what she has already written can be a great reminder of all of the good things in life.  An example of digging deep to find gratitude was on a day when her own car was in the shop and then her daughter (who is in nursing school) called to say that she had just hit a deer.  Even then, Katy was able to complete her journal for the day and finding the blessings on an unplanned hectic day really helped her change her focus. Looking at her list of goals and realizing what she has accomplished and how her goals have changed over time is also a great motivator for Katy.

Following is a quote from Katy that I believe really describes many of our lives.  We are all busy with life, but being grateful for the blessings that come our way each day is so refreshing.

Keeping a gratitude journal is truly a mood lifter.  Life will never be balanced. You have to incorporate “you” time and this is a great addition!!  Grab a notebook, write five things you are grateful for and five goals. Some days I am grateful for groceries in my” house or my commute to work.  It does not have to be complicated. I think everything begins with us, you choose your mood and this is an awesome reminder”.


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