Motivation Monday + Obstacles


Written By: Sara Jensen

MM 093019 Obstacles.jpg

Obstacles, barriers, roadblocks, however you want to refer to them, they can get in the way of our progress and keep us from moving forward.  Granted, life happens and more serious issues do come up like an injury, serious family matters, etc. that can take over our lives for a time.  For today, I want you to think about other barriers that keep us from truly sticking to our plans for better health. Lack of time, lack of motivation, lack of confidence, fear of change are some of the common barriers we face.  This comes out as being too busy, putting everybody else first, telling yourself your dream for improved health doesn’t really matter that much, exercise is boring, I don’t have time to plan my meals, etc. Our reasons not to work on our own health are endless, but I am here to say loudly that it does matter.  You matter, your health matters and you really can find time for healthy habits.

With the exception of the true emergencies in life, I want to submit that most other obstacles or barriers are truly excuses.  We can justify not completing our wellness plans in a million different ways. Believe me I know, I do it too. However, learning to accept that things will not always be perfect is the key to keep on trying your best.  Don’t let one bad day turn into a bad week or a bad month. Just get up the next day and get right back on track. Plan your week but be able to accept that if you have to be a little flexible it is ok.

Hearing that obstacles are another word for excuses might be hard to accept, but taking from the quote that started this post, remember your dream, remember what it is you are wanting to do and let that be your motivation to plan your time around what seems like an obstacle that could stop you.